Summer Camp is an initiative by the students of IIIT-Delhi for the students of Government Schools located nearby IIIT-Delhi. The goal of the summer camp is to focus on building school students’ confidence and aspirations, developing basic skills like communication, problem-solving, and computer skills. It's a yearly activity that the institute do for the students of Government Schools located in the adjacent areas. Other than learning the academics the students are also engaged in fun activities like Theatre, Dance, Music, Arts, and Craft. There is also a special slot for Career Counselling, where students are told about various career options and are mentored by people having knowledge of various fields so that they can choose what interests them the most. Students are also offered snacks and refreshing drinks in the lunchtime. The lunchtime of Summer Camp helps students learn the etiquettes of eating; they use IIIT-Delhi Mess and are taught about how to keep the place clean, to keep their plates at the appropriate place after eating, to finish their food, etc. The camp is conducted over a span of 5 weeks, during May and June. This is the fourth edition of Summer Camp to be conducted from 13th May 2019 to 14th June 2019 with an expected intake of 180 students from around 5 schools situated nearby IIIT-D.

Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2017


To help students generate creative thoughts and ideas


To encourage students nurture their talent


To help students get exposure to state of art technology


Discipline & punctuality, building confidence, focus towards goals, overcoming failures


Day 9AM - 9.30AM Session 1
(9.30AM - 11.30AM)
Session Theme
11.30AM -12PM Session 2
(12PM - 1PM)
Session Theme
Monday Morning Sessions Problem solving and Maths Lunch Theatre
Tuesday Hands on Science Lunch Sports
Wednesday Personality Development and Communication Skills Lunch Art and Craft
Thursday Computer Science Lunch Music/Dance
Friday General Knowledge Lunch Career Counselling

Participating Schools

  • RPVV - Class 8th, Lajpat Nagar
  • School of Excellence, Kalkaji
  • Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, DDA Kalkaji
  • Govt. Boys Senior Secondary School, Kalkaji No. 3
  • Govt. Boys Senior Secondary School, Harkesh Nagar

Volunteers from IIIT-D

Summer Camp 2019 is run and organized by a team of students from IIIT-Delhi. The team comprises of 4 coordinators and 30+ volunteers from B.Tech batches. The coordinators and volunteers are further guided by IIIT-D Faculty and Staff. The coordinators are actively involved in building curriculum, training the volunteers, managing summer camp activities and motivating volunteers to teach and manage the kids effectively. A set of volunteers are made responsible for daily sessions and take care of the students around the campus.

Message from Schools

We at RPVV lajpat Nagar had a really eventful year. Our students performed very well at the home exams and we are hoping for great results at the Boards too. You mentored our students and shared your precious time, resources and ideas with them. Your organization helped us realize the vision we had for our school and students. We are really thankful for your support and look forward to greater opportunities of collaboration with you!

- Principal, RPVV Lajpat Nagar

Summer Camp in Media

Students' Experiences

  • "We used to be afraid of going on stage,but now we are confident to go on stage and perform."
  • "Discipline and punctuality: we should always respect time and be disciplined."
  • "We should not be disheartened by our failures or mistake, we should take pride in that and get motivated by them."
  • "We should be focused towards our goals; people will try to distract us, but we should remain selfish towards our goal."